I'm Alex! Not much to say but I'll make a small list! Oh! And I'll follow you back if you follow me :3
I love pokemon! Fire types all the way!
Dubstep is just amazing!
White violins are da shizz!
Assassin's creed is amazing!
Gingers DO have souls!
Marvel and DC comics are boss!
I love Nintendo games!
I will always choose a sonic screwdriver! One more thing, I am Batgirl!!



→ Fade | Doctor Who (1080p!)

"I’m not running away from things I’m

                   running to them - before they flare and fade forever.”(x)

30 DAYS OF DOCTOR WHO | DAY 14 "Mods are asleep! Anything goes!"

GOODNIGHT MODS! - here’s a tribute to eleven ugh matt smith bless you